Each one of our websites is custom created to Reveal, Connect and Grow your unique business, mission or ministry.  That means that we spend time and energy understanding the character, the look and the intent of your business so that we can capture your organization with a look and feel that will help you share your mission.

For some the Basic package will be a starter website; for others this will be a purpose built website for a conference, a series of meetings, a special concert – whatever special event you are offering that calls for a stand-alone website.  The Basic package includes all the features of a Business site except Audio, Video and blogs.

The Business package is our flagship product for businesses and organizations.  This package offers all of the features (link to features section) you need to create a dynamic and revealing website.  Starting with dynamic custom design that is tailored to reveal, connect and grow, and including a comprehensive Content Management System that gives website control to leaders that you designate.  The Business Package will Reveal, Connect and Grow your mission and will give it an intentional look and functionality.  The Business Package provides a Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Galleries, and Blogs. 

The Elite package is an extension of the Business package.  The Business package provides a Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Gallery, Blogs, and File Cabinet, for the entire business.  The Elite Package extends that to give EACH section within the business their own Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Galleries, Blogs and File Cabinet.  For example, with the Elite Package, within let's say a church organization, the Women’s Ministry will have their own Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Galleries, Blogs, and File Cabinet; so will the Men’s Ministry, the Children’s ministry, etc.  For larger organizations, the Elite package offers a structure that makes it easier for individuals to find the content that is relevant to their needs and interests quickly and efficiently.

We build websites with “good bones”; good skeletal structure.  If you elect to start your All Valley Media experience with a Basic Package and choose to upgrade to the Business Package later, you don’t have to start from scratch.  You only pay the difference between the two packages.  We make certain that each website we build is created on a foundation that will not only allow you to upgrade, but also will allowAll Valley Media to make new technology available to you immediately.  The day after you build your website, some new technology will come along that you absolutely must have!  We recognize that fact and it is our goal and mission to follow those latest trends and offer them to you.  We want you to grow with your website as your business changes and grows.

Monthly Maintenance
We offer unlimited monthly maintenance and updates on all of our websites. Whether you need daily, monthly, seasonal, or yearly updates, we have a plan that will suit your needs.
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